RTK Boundary Mapping
Agronomic Solutions can provide RTK level accuracy while mapping field boundaries and features. We utilize John Deere RTK Mobile cellular signal to provide high-accuracy GNSS positioning for +/- 1 inch repeatability year over year. This is especially important for fields with many waterways, terraces, and other internal features that need to be mapped out. Fields are uploaded instantly to the MyJohnDeere System where they can easily be shared to your John Deere equipment, or shapefiles can be exported to load into any GPS system.

Frozen Ground Sampling
Over the years we have seen some extremely short fall seasons when the soil freezes earlier than anticipated and prevents hand-probing samples.  We have outfitted one of our Kubotas with a drill that can go through frozen ground to get a 6 inch sample.  While this is not an ideal way to collect soil samples, it does provides a way to get the job done in an emergency.

Tile Line Mapping
We have the ability to map out newly installed tile lines for future reference.  We can provide total feet as well as a shapefile to the customer.

Deep Soil Sampling
We have had increased demand in recent years to pull 24-36” samples, mainly due to mandated nitrogen sampling.  Three of our Kubotas are equipped with hydraulic probes that can handle any depth between 6 and 36 inches.  These probes may also be used where soil is extremely hard and compacted enough to prevent hand probing, or partially frozen ground.